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crunch. the big survey

February 5, 2010

The images below show the designs I produced for my final major project during my foundation year where I studied at The University for the Creative Arts, Maidstone. Based upon my own set brief of the Credit Crunch and after three weeks of research, I produced an A1 sized poster, promoting a documentary that BBC2 were to broadcast, as if they wanted the public’s opinions on the Credit Crunch. The idea was that the poster could be displayed anywhere on it’s own, but alongside it I produced four questionnaires, targeted at different audiences. Depending on whether you are a student, pensioner, employee or graduate you would tear off the questionnaire aimed specifically at you, then taking an envelope placed in the bracket below to post your opinions back to the BBC. The BBC would then produce a documentary from these opinions. In order to make the word crunch, i went through the process of vacuum forming the letterforms of the word, setting plaster within the moulds, and then crunching the word up, shown in the images below.



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