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james and the giant peach.

February 8, 2010

Assignment one for my new subject of typographic studies gave me three weeks to produce a book jacket design, where i was required to redesign any book of my choice and redesign its front, spine and back cover. Images were forbidden so only type could be used.

I decided to work with James and the Giant Peach, one of my favourite childhood storybooks and work with the three main themes of the book; fantasy, escape and being in a dreamlike environment. The images below are some of my initial idea generations, where i have made the words James and peach out of an actual peach to experiment with type outside of a computer screen and then used white emoltion to print some of these images onto paper, creating a more dreamlike and less constrained image.

Using the colours and textures from my own imagery, i have created the redesigned book cover. I have set the type on the front cover within two circles so that it appears almost as though the viewer is looking into a different world, which is what James enters in the books storyline. The imagery from my photographs has made up the textures of the letter forms for the title, including the word peach made from acrylic paint and stencils. I did not want the title to be readable as i wanted it to appear ‘dreamlike’. Using the typeface of Calibri helped me achieve this being a bold, rounded almost plump shape, which has been used for the remaining of the book jacket design on both the spine and back cover.

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