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tough on stains.

March 13, 2010

This is why I love attending an arts university.

I will be an artist taking part in a visual arts exhibition named Tough on Stains, Good Clean Art. The exhibition will be taking place in a local launderette down here in Bournemouth and in order to take part, I have been given an item of forgotten clothing. The concept of the event is to recycle old found clothing into new pieces of artwork. Below are images of the piece of clothing I have been given (a lovely pair of knickers) and how they were distributed to me. The exhibition will take place from the 30th April until the 2nd May. Check out Tough on Stains blog and keep checking here as I will upload the images of how I have transformed a pair of knickers into an amazing piece of artwork!

Inspiration from artists Slinkichu and Lisa Swerling allowed me to produce my art piece for Tough On Stains. I decided to cut up the pair of knickers below and make them into as many tiny pairs of knickers as possible, sewing them all together. Making a miniature washing line out of my nans old knitting needles and some string, I used tiny pegs and hung all the knickers on the washing line. The photos below were taking in my back garden and then auctioned off for a children’s charity when being exhibited in Tough On Stains launderette.

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