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February 5, 2010

A three week project with the brief of phobias. Using this theme i had to produce a book of any sort, based upon any phobia. I chose misophobia – the fear of germs and wanted the result to be an informative book.

To get started i grew my own mould and photographed it. I then researched into ten different germs and what the symptoms were if someone suffered a phobia of that specific germ. The result was a ten page concertina book, with a different germ on each page. When opened up, the word misophobia is spelt, as i produced each letterform out of my own mould imagery. The smaller text on each page explains the symptoms of each specific germ.



February 5, 2010

Brief of transition. I decided to look at the transition from reality to dream, focusing on Alice in Wonderland.

This piece has an illustrative approach, where i have used painting, thinners and textures such as tissue paper and hessian to produce an A2 sized, hand rendered board. After taking inspiration from my own photography of flowers and other objects on the Alice and Wonderland theme, i composed them to produce the word wonderland with acrylic paint and other materials. The final result was a programme for the theatre show of Alice and Wonderland.

here it goes.

February 5, 2010

So, here it goes! I plan to update this blog at least once a week, with my design work from University briefs, everyday inspiration and areas of art such as photography that inspires me and keeps me going as an art student. All images can be enlarged when clicking on them. Take a look & enjoy!